Document and record management

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Ever tried searching your computer or network for a file?
Harder than it should be?
Did you find more than one version?

Using the SilentOne electronic document management system, you will be able to find anything by word-searching, but you will also be able to find it using metadata.

Capture your documents easily. Find them again.
SilentOne is a powerful, comprehensive EDRMS which will fit you like a glove.

Key Features of a SilentOne implementation

  • Centralised information library.
  • Single source of truth.
  • Partitioning as needed with hierarchical or flat structure.
  • Flexible classification can be applied for each document.
  • A choice of implementation styles suited to different businesses.
  • A range of intuitive apps to access and manage your documents, catering for differing user needs.

Flexible implementation options:

SilentOne Enterprise
You may have already decided on a structure, or have some ideas, or want to re-think how you currently organise your business knowledge. We can help get you started quickly to make the most of your information assets.
SilentOne Jump-Start
With the same foundation as Enterprise we can install a template structure to get you started. You will have the tools to expand if you need to when you're up and running. As always we can help at any stage.
1Pot : One Point of Truth
1Pot has packaged structure and classification perfect for a smaller business, and the apps are designed with a one-click approach to manage your documents with minimal effort. Scope for change is included to allow for business distinctions.
CheckPot : Tailored Point of Truth
CheckPot is a specialised app that you can shape to your own requirements. Use your business definitions to drive a customised document management app tailored perfectly to your needs.
Cloud-hosted / Self-hosted
For all implementations your SilentOne powerbase can be hosted in the cloud, or locally on your own domain.
Cloud hosted Business hosted
Pre-defined folders
Pre-defined categories

Pre-defined folders
Pre-defined categories
Customised folders
Customised categories

Customised folders
Customised categories


Where and how you use the SilentOne electronic document management system to keep your information is flexible!

A hit-the-ground-running JumpStart structure or Custom?

SilentOne is offered with a ready-to-go structure if that's your preference. We have options to suit most small businesses for example, that fit a variety of requirements without the need for a lot of up-front thinking about how you want to organise your information.

◊ And of course if you choose a JumpStart structure, there's nothing to stop you switching in the future if you need to.◊

Then there's the personalised-fit option, to suit the case where you may have already decided on a structure, or have some ideas, or want to re-think how you currently organise.

Local to your business premises OR in the cloud?

You can use SilentOne in the cloud, so that you only need to take care of putting your information in there, and we take care of the rest.

Or you can install SilentOne inside your own business so that you retain full control over the installation, and manage the hardware and infrastructure.



Powerful searching
Fast and extensive searching to find EVERYTHING!
Easy capture
SilentOne can capture your files in many ways, all designed to make it easy.
That's why it is the Silent One!
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