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Meet the talented SilentOne

Powerful searching
Fast and extensive searching to find EVERYTHING!
SilentOne indexes your file content so that you can search based on the words it contains.
It also indexes the metadata. That means your own classifications for the file are also searchable, so you can look for everything you tagged as client X, cost code Y, unpaid invoice ... the possibilities are limitless.
Easy capture
There are many ways that SilentOne can capture your files, all designed to make it as quick and painless as possible. That's why it is the Silent One! Integration with Microsoft Office, email automation, scanning and OCR to name a few of the enterprise-level facilities you might expect.
Email magic
Our automation features for Microsoft Outlook make capture of your business email fast, relevant and painless.
Microsoft Office integration
We integrate with Office applications, providing a dedicated 'ribbon' toolbar with all of the relevant SilentOne functions right where they are needed.
Security and traceability
As much or as little control over who has access to see and update your documents, and the ability to audit all types of document access is all yours.
All versions accessible
Our version history feature is active on all documents stored in SilentOne, for Custom or JumpStart use.
Full-featured desktop application
We provide a variety of applications for you to use with your SilentOne file store, the most fully featured of which is SilentOne Explorer. With easy-to-use functions for every-day use in file sharing and searching, through to the records management functions needed by the storage administrator, this is the desktop software you can install across your business. You decide who needs the more powerful functions.
SPOT applications
Our express-edition suite of applications built for those people not wanting to engage with a whole set of functions they don't use. A lighter entry-point into SilentOne usage which we call "Single Point of Truth".
Function privileges
In your business you might want not everyone to have the power to organise your file structure, but want lots more people to read and update the files. Our functions can be allocated into 3 levels of function privilige. This is different from document security.
Language support
Support for non-typical character sets to be preserved in both content and metadata, in all versions.
Multiple library searching
SilentOne can link several document and record libraries together, providing the ability to partition your business areas of interest, whilst still allowing for extremely powerful searching accross all of them.
Scanning applications
We integrate with several scanning applications of differing degrees of complexity.