Small / Medium Enterprises

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1pot is SilentOne's small business solution.
The need for a structure is still present, but often a streamlined version is more efficient
and manageable when there are fewer members of the organisation.

1pot achieves this effortlessly with:

  • a single point of truth for your documents
  • clean and easy information structure
  • minimal-click document capture
  • browser-style fast searching
  • edit and share your documents easily
  • Microsoft Office smart-button
Getting started couldn't be simpler, you'll be up and running before you know it.
If you're a business or organisation with a half a dozen or more members then we'd love to hear your story, we can hopefully help!
Specialist document management
software for the SME
your knowledge is our business
♦ capture business knowledge ♦
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♦ quickly ♦
♦ simply ♦