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Private Sector

  • Enterprise wide EDRMS facilitating control over institutional knowledge
  • HR information repository with tailored security/privacy regime
  • Scanning solution providing customer document audit and retrieval



  • Organisation wide EDRMS providing institutional knowledge access to geographically spread stake holders
  • Policies and Procedures repository with tight version control giving historical context



  • Institution wide EDRMS
  • Student entry records
  • Student supporting records
  • Policies, Procedures & Forms repository


Local Authorities

  • Enterprise wide EDRMS
  • Public on-line access to Council meeting records
  • Paperless consent application document repository
  • Single source of truth for engineering documents, images and drawings
  • Record retention and disposal management (hard and soft copy)


Not for Profit

  • Organisation wide EDRMS
  • Old files ∕ former staff email repository enabling search & retrieval of (otherwise ‘lost’) historical information



  • Scanned Medical Records
  • Lab forms and results
  • Corporate EDRMS
  • Clinical staff on-line access to find Policies, Procedures, Protocols & Guidelines


Central Government

  • Ministry wide EDRMS
  • Archive repository for completed project records
  • Records lifecycle Management including retention and disposal