Why use SilentOne

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• Finding your stuff is easy

The power to locate the documents and records you are looking for quickly with the minimal information you may have to hand improves your efficiency. Simple as that.

Searches are bread and butter for the SilentOne EDRMS, it will quietly fit into your organisation and improve your productivity.

• Simple intuitive GUI and easily understandable functions.

Always our aim is to bring you solutions that don't interfere with getting the job done, they simply help.

Your document is important, and your EDRMS should not get in the way, so we add the tools right where you need them.

  • desktop shortcuts
  • MS Office ribbon
  • send-to links
  • scanner applications

The number of questions and clicks you're faced with when trying to use some document management systems can make hard work of it, so we design our applications to minimalise this and keep your workflow as smooth as possible.

• Continual evolution, improvement and expansion

We look in all directions for inspiration to improve our software, but the primary driving force is you!

Thinking up sleek new ways to get the job done is always happening here, but customer feedback is a great place for ideas too, and whenever we hear ‘what if...’ we are all ears.

We think we already have a pretty special document management system, but we don't leave it at that, and the advancements we make to the products are yours for the asking.

• We're local and responsive

Whether based in New Zealand or internationally, we are often praised by our customers for being there and available when help is needed.

Any business can suffer from the occasional spanner in the works, so when you hit issues with your document management we can provide timely advice or assistance.

If your business changes its information management needs we are here to help.

• Data Sovereignty

Your documents and records can be hosted locally within your own company or within New Zealand to follow Data Sovereignty laws. With SilentOne you keep ownership of your files forever.

• Disaster Insurance

SilentOne provides a central repository to make data backup and recovery of your important documents easy. With versioning and data archiving you can be sure you files will be safe.



Full-featured desktop application
We provide a variety of applications for you to use with your SilentOne file store, the most fully featured of which is SilentOne Explorer.
With easy-to-use functions for every-day use in file sharing and searching, through to the records management functions needed by the storage administrator,
SPOT applications
Our express-edition suite of applications built for those people not wanting to engage with a whole set of functions they don't use. A lighter entry-point into SilentOne usage which we call "Single Point of Truth".
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